Sunday, November 22, 2015

Artists and money – finally together!

I always wonder how people manage to make money on their paintings. I have a friend Bill who is a street artist. He paints pictures right on the spot and sells them at any price just to get something out of it. Poor Bill! No wonder he’s in debt all the time. I get more from my tips! But since I dream to become an artist myself, sooner or later I’ll have to face the same issue. And I need to start looking for a solution right now, for Bill’s sake and my own!

Hit the web, Jack!

Today I did a little research in the internet and found out that it’s actually lucrative to sell art online! Think about it:
  • You can approach a really wide audience. Hundreds and even thousands of potential buyers! As opposed to a lousy bunch of by-passers that will even look at your pictures in the street.
  • There are no third parties to bite into your piece of the pie. I mean, when you exhibit your works somewhere in a gallery, it takes a sizeable chunk of your profit. In the web, you can find ways to promote your art with no commission involved.
  • You won’t believe how many options are available to sell art online. Auction sites, personal galleries, even such well-known internet stores as Amazon and eBay. The choice is up to you!
  • It’s fast and convenient. You have ready access to your portfolio and can upload a photo of your latest work or change its price in a single click. And it works both ways. Your customers just have to open their laptop and type in the address of a portal selling art online – auction site or web gallery. Easy as breathing!
  • Finally, prices in the web are notably lower than in physical outlets. It’s much cheaper to buy a painting online than shop for it across the street. So you won’t have to wait long for your stuff to sell off!

And it’s not just my opinion!

Leonid Afremov thinks so too! In case you never heard this name, he is a famous modern impressionist whose paintings are all over the internet. I stumbled upon one of them googling and ended up on his personal website full of colorful canvases. First I thought it was just a gallery, but then I saw that each picture had a purchase button. And the prices are real cheap. Especially for paintings like that! I was stunned by the bright palette of colors and incredible brushwork that made the sceneries so realistic and surreal at the same time! So if you need something colorful and stylish to decorate your room, Mr. Afremov’s gallery is always open! 

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